Large Deer Antler-All Natural, Grade A, Premium Antler Dog Treats, Organic Dog Chews, Naturally Shed Antlers from USA

Large Deer Antler
Length- 7-10 inches Weight- 3.5-7 ounces Dog Weight- 40-70 lbs

The Perfect Pet Chews Process

The Fall

All across the United States, thousands of deer, elk, and moose roam free in the wild. From the plains of the Midwest to the great pine forests of the Rocky Mountains these animals can be seen in all of their beauty. The majesty of a large Whitetail Buck, Bull Elk or Moose is truly a wonderful sight to see with their mighty antlers towering over their head. Each year, throughout the spring and summer, these male animals grow a new set of antlers after a natural process called “shedding.” When this happens in the late winter, the animal’s antlers fall off their head leaving the previous year’s “sheds” lying on the forest floor.

The Find

Once it is clear the shedding season is over, thousands of hunters and conservationists lace up their hiking boots to walk the fields and forests in search of the treasured “shed” antler. These shed hunters cover miles and miles of North American terrain in order to find theses antlers. After they have been found, shed hunters either keep or sell their forest finds. Many of the antlers can be used to make all-natural, healthy treats for our four-legged friends.

From Field to Furry Friend

Perfect Pet Chews are made entirely out of those same shed antlers found right here in the United States. We cut, sand, inspect, and package these natural antlers in our own facility. Our antler dog chews are sure to be a favorite treat for your furry friend.

Why antler dog chews? Natural antlers offer many great benefits to dogs. Some of these benefits are… -Promotes Good Dental Hygiene -Packed with nutrients such as Calcium and other minerals -Rich marrow center your dog will love -Healthy alternative to other chews on the market -Keeps your dog from chewing valuables such as shoes, furniture, etc.

Perfect Pet Chews are 100% natural. They do not contain dyes, preservatives, or chemical enhancements. Our antlers come from the field straight to your furry friend. It is the perfect process for making Perfect Pet Chews.

*As with any consumable product, it is imperative that you supervise your pet while they enjoy their antler. Antler consumption should be gradual. If you feel that they are consuming it too quickly, or that it has become a choking hazard, please discard the antler.

NOTE: Because no two antlers are alike, the above product image is representative of the piece you will receive, not the actual item.