Antler Lamps

Crooked Creek Antler Art is a family owned and operated business that has been creating antler art and lighting for over 20 years. We have created hundreds of different unique products over the years in doing business. The unique color and shape of naturally shed antlers allows us to get creative. 

Crooked Creek Antler Art creates Antler Lamps using 100% naturally shed antler. No faux or resin antlers are ever used for the making of our products.

Our lamps have been a big favorite of our past customers. We have delivered hundreds of our Real Antler Lamps all over the country where they now sit in beautiful rustic and modern homes and cabins.

Over then years we have come to perfect our lamp design. Crooked Creek Antler Art promises the highest quality in our Real Antler Lamps. 

In many of the Photos our lamps are displayed with Rawhide lamp shades from our select provider. Due to the uncertainty in the future of their ownership the shades for the lamps are currently out of stock. We provide the antler lamp, lamp harp, and antler finial.


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