Rustic Home Decor

In addition to the Antler Lights that we have made, we have come up with many other various unique and beautiful ways to add Antler into your home. Antler is naturally shed in the spring each year and pick up by shed hunters all over the world. Each antler that gets picked up is different than the other. We find the commonalities in our Antler Decor so that all pieces of antler than you get from us matches. Our large supply of craft antler allows us to piece together large antler items that use antlers with similar color and size. No product will ever look the same but we have been consistent in producing a quality finished product.

Our home decor is the perfect addition to your living space, office, bedroom, kitchen, lodge, log home, or other personal space. Have a touch of real Antler Art right in your home that will give added rustic and homey vibes to your living space. 

The perfect gifts for outdoorsmen, hunters, and anyone who has an appreciation for the unique shape and color that natural antler provides.

Great Antler Ideas Gifts for Men


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