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Deer Antler Tip bracelet slide, 1.75" - 2.25"

What is a shed antler?

Every year, thousands of male Deer, Elk, and Moose across North America grow a new set of antlers. The growth period lasts through the summer months. During this time, the antlers grow with a soft outer shell called "velvet." In the late summer and early fall, the velvet is removed and exposes the hard antler underneath. Later, in the months of January and February, each animal’s antlers fall off of its head. This is the natural process called "shedding" and is necessary for the animals to be able to grow new antlers throughout the next summer. These "shed" antlers are then left lying on the forest floor, in meadows, creek beds, and on the sides of mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts all over North America lace up their hiking shoes and cover miles of terrain in search of these naturally shed antlers. Once they find them, they can then be sold to be used in a variety of ways such as; dog chews, lighting, furniture, and craft supplies. All of our antler products at Crooked Creek Antlers Inc. are made from these all-natural shed antlers.

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