White - Whitetail/Mule Deer Antler Tumbleweed Chandelier on Sale in stock

This is a unique 14 Light piece by Crooked Creek Antler Art. 
For over 20 years we have been creating cascading whitetail chandeliers using only real shed antlers. This piece is something a little bit out of the normal products that we have created. 
The antlers are all North American antlers that are bolted and screwed onto a steel ring frame that we created custom in our workshop. This is a limited time item. 
Pictured are led bulbs which out off a ton of light. The shape of this lighting piece is a tumbleweed globe shape that measures roughly 48” from top corner to the bottom opposite. The antlers are painted white to all match in a more modern style color.

The price of this piece included free shipping and the light will be shipped in a heavy duty crate.