Elk Antler Burr Dog Chew (Large) All Natural, Grade A, Premium Antler Dog Treats, Organic Dog Chews, Naturally Shed Antlers from USA

Because the antler burr is the point at which the antler attaches to the animal's skull, nature creates it to be virtually indestructible. For this reason it makes an excellent dog chew for the most aggresive chewers.
All Natural North American Shed Antler Large Antler Burr Dog Chews measure approximately 3-3 1/2" diameter and are at least 1/2" thick. Ideal for aggresive chews 70-100 lbs. While cut edges are sanded smooth, the top remains highly textured. Will not splinter or shred No detectible odor Excellent source of calcium & minerals No chemical enhancements No dyes or preservatives