Economy Elk/Deer Antler Dog Chew 3 Count - Grade B/C All Natural Organic and Long Lasting Treats Made from Naturally Shed Antlers in The USA

You will receive 3 Economy Antler Dog Chews of the size you choose. The economy antler chews are not the same as our regular antler chews.

Economy Antler Dog Chews are made with B/C or 2/3 Grade deer and elk antler.  This lower grade antler will have cracks and a drier feel when compared to our standard antler line.  B/C Grade antlers are typically a little softer and may not last quite as long as our standard antlers.  However, they still have the same great benefits, including improved dental hygiene, no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives, and no detectable odor.  As with any consumable pet product, pets should always be supervised while they enjoy their antler.

Small Treat: Sized for Dogs 10–20 Lbs. It will be approximately 4–6″ Long and weigh 0–1.5 oz. Medium Treat: Sized for dogs 20-40 lbs. It will be approximately 5-7″ long and weigh 1.6-4.0 oz. Large Treat: Sized for dogs 40-70 lbs. It will be approximately 6+″ long and weigh 4.1-8.0 oz. XLarge Treat: Sized for dogs 70-100 lbs. It will be approximately 6+″ long and weigh 8.1-13.0 oz. Mega Treat: Sized for dogs over 100 lbs. It will be approximately 6+” long and weigh 13.1-19 oz.

Perfect Pet Chews are 100% natural. They do not contain dyes, preservatives, or chemical enhancements. Our antlers come from the field straight to your furry friend. It is the perfect process for making Perfect Pet Chews.

*As with any consumable product, it is imperative that you supervise your pet while they enjoy their antler. Antler consumption should be gradual. If you feel that they are consuming it too quickly, or that it has become a choking hazard, please discard the antler.

NOTE: Because no two antlers are alike, the above product image is representative of the piece you will receive, not the actual item.